Credit: YouTube

Watch out, Bravo. A new reality show is hoping to take out one of the gems in your Real Housewives crown.

Caribbean Wifes of South Florida is the creation of cable TV producer and host Maxine Tulloch.

“I was perturbed by The Real Housewives of Miami,” Maxine tells the Miami Herald. “South Florida is not just Hispanics. When you look at the demographics on people from the Caribbean, there are just as many of us.”

One $50,000 mortgage on her house and numerous casting calls later, Maxine is ready to unveil the pilot for the show, which had its red-carpet premiere in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday, March 28.

“The premiere is really to get the community involved,” she says. “[I hope they see] the need for filling a niche.”

So who might be dethroning the extant Miami Housewives? Jamaica-born photographer Kendra Parker, Jamaica-born radiation therapist Terryann Ramirez, Jamaica-born model Cindia Azize, Dominican-born financial analyst Selines Silverio, Haiti-born police detective Brigette Cadet-Young, Haiti-born publisher Carmel Moise, Grenada-born Dale DeFreitas.

Hope to be hearing more about Maxine and the rest of these women! Though maybe alongside our faves Housewives, not instead of.

Source: Miami Herald