It’s official. The cakegate incident from Heather Dubrow’s name-changing party in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7, Episode 19 will never end. Heather Dubrow and Sarah Winchester still haven’t forgiven each other and have taken the argument to Twitter.

Heather used the social network to say once, twice, three times that she thinks Sarah’s a phony who made up the claim that she’s the heiress to the Winchester fortune.  She also re-tweeted someone’s suggestion that Sarah should stop harassing Heather on Twitter and start taking care of her son.

Meanwhile, Sarah reiterated that she thinks it’s Heather who is fake. When the cake incident came up again, one follower tweeted Sarah should’ve said, “'Isn't a cake meant to be eaten?' And grabbed a big old handful of it right in their face.” Sarah wrote, “That would have been awesome but it really wouldn’t have gotten any more of a reaction out of heather because her face doesn’t move.” When OC ladies argue, they do it with Botox disses!

As for the tweet about Sarah needing to get off Twitter and go take care of her kid, Sarah wrote, “If she wants to talk to me she can meet me in person and say it to my face. Bring it!

Sounds like someone is permanently off the guest list!

Source: Heather Dubrow’s Twitter, Sarah Winchester’s Twitter 

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Credit: Bravo Photo: Heather Dubrow Gets Mad When Sarah Winchester Eats Her Bow on Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7, Episode 19 (VIDEO)