Credit: Victoria Janashvili/Courtesy of Maxim

Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 star Joanna Krupa is spilling some tasty spoilers about her relationship with Romain Zago and an upcoming wedding on the show!

Oh, and it isn’t her wedding!

In an interview with OK!, Joanna Krupa reveals she is already engaged to sweetheart Romain Zago and they are in the midst of planning their upcoming nuptials. However, hers is apparently not the only ceremony that is going to be featured on the show. In fact, she’s not willing to give details about her wedding dress because “somebody else might want to steal my ideas... from the show.”

“Somebody’s getting married on the show as well,” Joanna says. “She’s already married. But she’s trying to make herself look good. Like, she lied for five years that she’s been married. So she’s walking down the aisle, I don’t know why. She’s already been married and people found that she had a license to the same person.”

Who is it Joanna claims is trying to steal her wedding spotlight? The Real Housewives of Miami star says the cast member who has been lying about not being married is Adriana De Moura! Joanna claims Adriana and 'new husband' Fredric have been married for half a decade and their engagement is just a play for more camera time.

“Obviously she wanted a storyline for the show,” Joana says.

We can't wait to see this drama unfold on Real Housewives of Miami Season 3!

Credit: OK! Photo: Joanna Krupa Spills Major Real Housewives of Miami Spoilers!