Credit: Johns PKI / Splash News

It appears that Kelsey Grammer is doing whatever he can to prevent another car seat-related controversy.

Camille Grammer’s ex-husband was asked by TMZ last night to weigh in on the uproar following video footage that seemed to show him and his wife Kayte being driven away from the airport without putting for their 4-month-old daughter, Faith, in a car seat.

Kelsey was silent for a few moments after being questioned by TMZ’s reporter, as he and his family walked toward a restaurant. Then, still without saying a word, Kelsey responded to the question simply by holding up Faith, who was in a portable car seat. 

Kelsey then walked into the restaurant, still not addressing the situation or the fact that Camille has called the incident “irresponsible.” Kelsey’s rep did respond to the incident, saying that Faith was only traveling in the SUV without being strapped into a car seat for “a few yards.”

Let’s hope Kelsey always remembers to use that car seat from now on!

Credit: TMZ Photo: Kelsey Grammer Responds to Car Seat Controversy (VIDEO)

Source: TMZ

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