Credit: Getty Images/Handout Photo: Dr. Frasier Crane Is in the Building

Camille Grammer has been speaking out about her ex-husband Kelsey on this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and apparently he’s had enough of the one-sided talk. According to the Huffington Post, Kelsey just taped a one-hour exclusive sit-down with Piers Morgan to finally tell his side of the story.

A CNN insider told the Huffington Post that Piers “persuaded the private Kelsey to sit with him and discuss everything from his new wife, his custody fight and how he believes his ex-wife was more interested in fame and fortune than him.” Reportedly, Kelsey even revealed he felt "Camille married 'Frasier,' not me."

Um, ouch! Then again, Camille has made her fair share of hurtful comments about her ex, too. She outed Kelsey for wearing women’s clothing and poked fun at the size of his member. Still, Camille might want to brace herself. According to the insider, Kelsey “opened up much more than anyone thought he would” during his Piers exclusive, which has yet to air.

The actor’s much-buzzed-about return to TV (he plays Chicago Mayor on new Starz drama Boss) has garnered great reviews, and the insider says he has his confidence back.

Things could get interesting!

Source: Huffington Post


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