Credit: Dave Allocca/Startraks Photo: Things Fall Apart: Camille and Kelsey Grammer at the Tony Awards COVER

Apparently, Kelsey Grammer wasn’t satisfied with his brief cameos on RHoBH. According to Us Magazine, the 55-year-old Fraiser star wants his own reality show. Or, more correctly, wants to create his own.

Kelsey has apparently paired up with former VH1 exec Stella Bulochnikov-Stolper to form G3 Productions. The duo will then partner up with Zodiak USA to create and deliver concepts for reality shows to different networks around the globe.

"I knew that Kelsey loved this space and would love to pop some big shows," Bulochnikov-Stolper says. "The idea that he would lend his name and brain and star power to working on some formats was so exciting to me, and then to have a partner like Zodiak to produce them and sell them all over the world — that's really going to produce some fireworks."

Unless these reality shows include Camille and/or their divorce, we think we’ll pass. How interesting is Kelsey Grammer without Camille? Our answer: not at all.

Source: Us Magazine