Credit: Bravo Photo: Kyle and Kim Richards Gang Up on Brandi Glanville in Season 2, Episode 7

After the blowout episode on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where Brandi Glanville accuses Kim Richards of using drugs, Kim has finally released a statement via her Twitter.

“That night was the first time I had ever met Brandi. For someone who doesn't know me personally to outright accuse me of using crystal meth leaves me bewildered. Not only did she accuse me of using crystal meth, she accused me of using crystal meth on national television. Drug abuse isn't something you just throw around as a jab. When Brandi uttered those words on camera, the only thing I could think of was 'where the hell did that come from?”

The Fix recently begged the question, “At what point should the network or production company get involved?” They attempted to reach Bravo for comments about their position on Kim Richards, but instead, spoke exclusively with an anonymous former producer of reality TV shows who gave an eye-opening statement.

“Unfortunately we've been told that stable, well-adjusted people doing interesting things are boring on television. So you have to make these people more and more horrible each season to make the 'hit' stronger for the audience. In that sense it's the audience who are the junkies…If a Real Housewife is an alcoholic mess, people watch.”

Meanwhile, Kim Richards is adamant that those messy rumors are false, tweeting out to her fans: “I have never in my life, EVER, used crystal meth. I have discussed openly my issues with alcohol. As many of you know, sobriety is a lifetime process, a process that is a priority in my life right now."

Source: The Fix, Buddy TV