In Season 2, Episode 16 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards had a lot on her plate. For starters, there was all the planning that went into her annual white party. Then everyone was insisting she uninvite Taylor Armstrong. “The last thing I needed on top of my stress was Kim and Brandi fighting,” wrote Kyle in her latest blog for Bravo.  




In the middle of the party, Kim and Brandi began to exchange words and rehashed their interaction at game night. “You’re just not right,” Kim told Brandi and went on to accuse her of having a “truck-driver  mouth.” After deciding to remove herself from the situation, Brandi said, “I tried. I won’t try again,” to which Kim replied, “Yeah, don’t try again.”

“In watching the episode,” writes Kyle, “I saw that it was even worse than I thought. I had only caught tidbits, as I was consumed with the Taylor and Russell issue. I really was surprised to see Kim was that rude to Brandi. She honestly is a kind person. My sister has had a difficult year, and although I cannot speak for her nor do I condone her behavior, I cannot help but think that has something to do with it.” Kim is currently seeking treatment in rehab. 

Source: Bravo


Credit: Bravo Photo: Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville Fight at Kyle’s White Party in RHOBH Season 2, Episode 16: “Uninvited” (Video)