Credit: Bravo Photo: Ken Leans in to Kiss Kim in RHOBH Season 2, Episode 9

When Kyle Richards took to her Bravo blog after this week’s roller coaster of an episode, she answered our one burning question: What was up with her emotional reaction to her sister Kim’s relationship news?

“Kim passes on many family gatherings because she doesn't feel like making the drive. It's only 30 to 40 minutes but she often says it's too far. I feel that she would be happier and stronger if she were closer to us,” Kyle writes. So perhaps that explains why Kim has one excuse after another for missing out on barbecues and seances...

But what about the big secret? When Kim finally tells Kyle about her new BF (and neighbor) Ken Blumenfeld, Kyle says: “I was so disappointed and worried to be honest.” Adding: “I felt she was making this decision based on convenience and loneliness, which worried me and made me sad.”

Kyle left us with one last thought in her blog this week: “I do not know Ken. I have heard things that put me off, however, if Kim truly is happy, I will support her.”

Oy vey! Do you think Kyle’s reaction was over-the-top? Or is Kim making the wrong choice to move in with Ken?

Source: Bravo