Credit: Hall and Pena/Pacific Coast News Photo: Kyle Richards Outside The Wendy Williams Show on January 3, 2012

Kyle Richards needs to do this more often.

In her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show today, the younger Richards sister cleared up several Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rumors in one fell swoop.

Here's the abridged version: Yes, Brandi Glanville had a quickie wedding in Vegas. No, Kyle's big sis Kim has not left rehab ("She's doing really well, though"). And yes, Kim and Ken are dunzo — thanks in part to the profile he kept while dating Kim. "I was never a fan," admitted Kyle.

On Brandi's nuptials, Kyle joked, "I sent her a message saying, 'Where are you registered, if it's not too late?'"

Fortunately, Brandi and her longtime pal/new hubby, Darin Harvey, didn't fill out any legally binding paperwork, so it's only a faux marriage. But some gifts would still be nice, areweright?

As a side note, the leather pants Kyle styled on the show were apparently very tight: Before filming her segment, she tweeted, "Really hope my leather pants don't split :/"

Credit: HuffPo Photo: Kyle Richards Spills Beverly Hills Housewives Gossip on Wendy Williams, January 3, 2012