Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Photo: Kyle Richards' Amazing Earrings

If you were hoping that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards would be starring in the new sitcom that’s based on her life, don’t count on it. The reality star and child actress recently sold a pilot, which she describes to the Associated Press as being about “my life being a juggling mom [sic], wife and being on a reality show.” Instead of playing herself à la Seinfeld, she wants a “funny” actress to get the role.

“I would want it to be somebody that's really funny and could capture the humor of being a mom and all the humor that comes with being on a reality show,” says Richards, “so maybe Jennifer Aniston or Jenny McCarthy. I don't know, someone really funny.” 

Fair enough, but we think Kyle’s doppelganger Demi Moore should be in the running, too!

Source: Yahoo

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