We are thrilled about all the crazy snippets that have been released from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville's new book. But LeAnn Rimes is not as enthused.

Brandi's new tell-all book, Drinking & Tweeting  which hits stores next week  is adding to LeAnn's fears that her marriage to Eddie Cibrian might not go the distance, according to Radar Online

“This is bringing out LeAnn’s nagging fears about Eddie that one woman isn’t enough,” says a source about Brandi's book, which describes Eddie's cheating ways. 

“Does it bother her? Of course — no woman would want to read these things about her husband,” says the insider. “But she knows that Eddie loves her and she's secure in that."

The source continues that LeAnn is "losing it" over the book and her fears that they might split. "LeAnn desperately wants to believe him. If they don’t last, she looks like the biggest loser in the world.”

And while LeAnn refers to Brandi as "toxic," it still bothers her that Eddie had such a hard time ending things with Brandi.

“LeAnn has always worried about Eddie being attracted to Brandi,” reveals the source. “It was devastating for her to learn that Eddie didn’t leave Brandi, that he wanted both of them.”

And so the Brandi-LeAnn saga continues!

Source: Radar Online