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Adult bullying is alive and well, and thriving on the Internet.

LeAnn Rimes recently checked into rehab for anxiety and stress. Now court documents have been filed in L.A. against two women who allegedly recorded a phone conversation with LeAnn without her consent, leading to “emotional stress.”

According to People, LeAnn's lawyers claim the two women (whose true names were unknown to LeAnn) "conspired to spitefully ensure that out-of-context excerpts of that recording would be disseminated to the public." Apparently LeAnn was talking on the phone with a fan of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville, trying to establish some peace in the war that's been going since LeAnn married Brandi's ex. It's illegal in California to tape someone without their consent, so now LeAnn is seeking legal action to be "compensated for the harm that she has endured as a result of the defendants' malicious actions." 

LeAnn's lawyer, Larry Stein, told Celebuzz, “There has been this cyber-bullying that has been going on for a considerable period of time. Apparently, most of this started when LeAnn started dating Eddie Cibrian … These women [on Twitter] have been merciless — vitriolic in their attacks. Like most celebrities, Rimes didn’t like it, but she hoped things would get better. They don’t understand who she is or who she stands for.”  

Bullies shouldn't be going after anyone, but if someone broke up the marriage of Eddie and Brandi, it's Eddie. You'd think they'd turn their cyber-angst on him. 

Sources: People, Celebuzz

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