Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Photo: Lisa Rinna Gets Sassy During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

With whispers of Camille Grammer leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  (okay, they’re more like loud, annoying screams at this point), it seems like everybody (er, and nobody) wants in on the action. It only makes sense, right? Getting paid big bucks to look hot, throw expensive, over-the-top soirees and get in fights sounds pretty darn peachy to us.

But there’s one woman who isn’t — and never was — into it: Lisa Rinna. Apparently, Rinna was approached by Bravo to star in Season 1, but turned down the offer to be in Harry Loves Lisa with her hubby, Harry Hamlin. On TV Land. Um, sweet move, Rinna.

“We were in discussions originally," Rinna told Us Weekly. "I was up for it, and at the time I did my show instead of Beverly Hills. It was part of the process, but then my show came along so I ended up doing our show."

Despite the fact that we’ve never heard of Harry Loves Lisa (and, really, what is up with that name?), Rinna seems rather content with her decision. In fact, she’s kind of smug about it. When asked if she’d ever join the ranks of RHoBH for Season 2, Rinna laughed and replied, "I'm good."

Source: Us Weekly