Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Extra Photo: Lisa Holds Giggy on the Set of Extra at The Grove on October 5, 2010
Beverly Hills housewife Lisa Vanderpump has a unique perspective on her car being recently stolen. Lisa’s Bentley was taken earlier this year for a joyride and then driven off a cliff! Funny enough, she seems to be more annoyed by the last part.

"I don't mind if you stole the car, but then keep it,” she tells E! Online. “In this economy, don't drive it off a cliff."

Ha! Hey, that’s an interesting take on the situation. She then added, “I had some nice blankets and things in there.” Oh, Lisa, we’re sorry your car was stolen but it’s hard to feel sorry about your blanket loss. You live in a mansion!

FYI, her Bentley was stolen and crashed around the same time as Charlie Sheen’s car. Lucky for Lisa, she has had much better luck than Charlie lately. Ahem.  

Source: E! Online