Credit: Getty Images Photo: Lisa Vanderpump at a Memorial for Dr. Frank Ryan
Justice will prevail in the land of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills today.

Over the weekend, we reported that Beverly Hills housewife Lisa Vanderpump and her hubby Ken were attacked by a drunk man on Christmas Eve at a Beverly Hills hotel after he started spewing rude remarks toward the reality star.

Well, Lisa and Ken weren’t dining alone. Family friend and high profile LA TV reporter Robert Kovacik was also chowing down with the Vanderpump-Todd’s — and also received a nice blow to the mouth from said drunky.

Although everybody left the hotel on the 24th without pressing charges, this morning Kovacik changed his mind and formally asked the BH police department to file charges against the lush for instigating the Christmas eve brawl.

Apparently Kovacik had to have his lip stitched up earlier this morning by a plastic surgeon — and wants the Beverly Hills boozehound to foot the bill.

Good for Kovacik! Show that Scrooge who’s boss!

Source: Radar Online