There’s little question that Lisa Vanderpump is a fan favorite on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Which of the other housewives can boast a wildly successful spin off show like Vanderpump Rules?
But recently, Lisa lost thousands of Twitter followers in one day. So what gives?
Apparently, the reality star has none other than Nicki Minaj to blame.

On February 13, the American Idol judge tweeted, “#RHOBEVERYLYHILLS THO>>>> Lisa is my boo.”

The following day, a confused Lisa addressed Nicki and the Twitter-sphere, writing, “Ok since I became @NICKIMINAJ 's boo...I dropped 10k followers....not quite getting this ...goodnight tweeties.”

Nicki’s no doubt a controversial figure with no shortage of drama. But these are Housewives we’re dealing with, people!

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