Boycott? What boycott? Bravo producers are unfazed by the rumors of a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills embargo proposed by Hollywood lawyers and managers — and they might not even need to find replacements for the show’s departing cast members! At least, that’s what Lisa Vanderpump tells TMZ when asked about the speculation.

“No, we’re fine. Trust me,” she assures the TMZ photographer. “We’ve got no problem looking for cast members. We don’t need any right now anyway, thank you!”

The reporter also asked Lisa about the show’s danger to cast members’ professional reputations.

“Stay true to who you are,” Lisa advises. “Live your life accordingly, and then you won’t have a problem, will you?”

Watch the video here to hear the rest of Lisa’s thoughts on the matter!

Credit: TMZ Photo: Lisa Vanderpump Talks to TMZ About Boycott Rumors