Credit: Rod Foster Photography via Bravo © 2011 NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Pandora Vanderpump and Her Flower Girls

The Vanderpumps really pumped things up (had to!) for Pandora and Jason’s beautiful wedding on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2, Episode 20, and viewers witnessed many of the intimate moments. Lisa Vanderpump explains in her latest Bravo blog that it wasn’t an easy decision to open their lives to the camera. Though Lisa’s daughter and son, Max, have appeared sporadically on the show, it was a whole different affair to invite the entire viewing public into Pandora’s wedding.

Lisa writes, “I had many lengthy discussions with Pandora regarding her wedding, remembering that I had entered into this domain of my own choosing and, although supported by my family, it was not what she had signed up for. So how much she was willing to share? The decision ultimately needed to be made by her and had to be her choice — one where there would be no regrets. Jason was less bothered, but Pandy had many reservations. As you probably noticed there was a surreal, almost dream-like quality to the wedding. It's a little complicated to explain, but the actual shooting was entirely different. It was handled very sensitively. The wedding and all that you see is totally with Pandora's blessing.” In his own blog, producer Dave Rupel explains that Bravo used footage from Pandora’s videographer to put together the episode. None of their cameramen were in attendance.

We’re glad Pandora gave the gorgeous wedding footage the go ahead. Ultimately, so is Lisa: “I am in utter disbelief as I see this replayed, my daughter getting married in front of millions of people, but the feelings I have are that of poignancy, a sense of relief, and elation that I shared with you this important day.”

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