Credit: Anthony/Pacific Coast News Photo: Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump Goof Around at Kyle's Birthday on January 11, 2011

It’s the episode you’ve been waiting for! Kelsey tells Camille he wants a divorce — plus Taylor and Lisa fight for Kyle’s time — on this week’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, entitled "Turn, Turn, Turn." In fact, this is only one of two new episodes that remain before the reunion special. Better get your fill of cattiness while you can!

And this week’s episode promises plenty of cattiness. Lisa decides that Kyle has been spending too much time with Taylor, so Lisa wants Taylor to “back off.” Strong words! And since when are people only allowed to have one friend? Lisa expects Kyle to be more of a loner than Ryan Gosling in the film Lars and the Real Girl.

Meanwhile, the moment has finally come when Camille finds out that Kelsey is done with their marriage. And if we know Camille like we think we do, that sounds like tons of drama to us! We’re both nervous and excited to see how it all plays out — which is also how we feel at a monster truck rally.

And Ken has finally gotten fed up with Cedric and — during a drive to a vineyard with Lisa — asks him to move out. Looks like passive-aggressive behavior wasn’t working for Ken, so now he’s opting for just plain aggressive! Can’t wait to see Cedric squirm!


Credit: Bravo Photo: Sneak Peek: Lisa Is Annoyed by Taylor in Season 1, Episode 12: "Turn, Turn, Turn"