Two things to know about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville: She doesn't like LeAnn Rimes, and she apparently doesn't watch a lot of silent movies either.

Brandi appeared on The Tonight Show on January 31 to promote her new book Drinking & Tweeting, during which she participated in segment called "Battle of Celebrity All-Stars."

In the quiz show-style segment, Jay Leno asked Brandi and several other reality stars to tell him who is known as "the little tramp."

Brandi's response? "LeAnn Rimes!"

Actually, Brandi, the real answer is Charlie Chaplin, but good effort.

And speaking of silent films, there are times on Real Housewives when the women would be well-advised to try going silent for a change. 

See — we can all learn a thing or two from Mr. Chaplin!

Source: E! Online