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Brandi Glanville is defending Yolanda Foster’s stage mom-esque behavior on next week’s episode Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s nice to see that former models have each other’s backs.

In Monday’s episode, Yolanda accompanies her 17-year-old model daughter Gigi to a photo shoot. While there, Yolanda reminds Gigi to stay on her diet, refers to her eyes as “Chinese,” and frequently intervenes throughout the shoot.

"I know Yolanda, and I've seen her around her kids, and she is the best mom," Brandi tells Us Weekly in a sneak peek. "She's like everyone's mom. She's even taken me under her wing."

Brandi is a former model herself, like Yolanda, so she appreciates that Yolanda is there for Gigi. "Just being a model and having been shipped off to Paris at 17, I wish my mom could have been at some of those photo shoots because there are some creepy people out there," Brandi says.

"It's coming across like a stage mom, but she's not. She's such a loving mom, and Gigi's such a good girl. She does whatever she wants and she eats whatever she wants. I've never seen her diet," Brandi says. "I think people are taking it the wrong way, because [Yolanda’s] awesome!"

Given that Brandi has sometimes had harsh words for some of her fellow Housewives, it’s nice to see her supporting Yolanda.

Source: Us Weekly

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