Credit: Josephine Santos/Pacific Coast News Photo: Camille Grammer Brings Birthday Flowers to SUR on September 23, 2011

Unlike last season, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Camille Grammer is staying relatively drama free this year. The same cannot be said for many of her cast mates. In an interview with Holly Scoop, Camille says Season 2 has been a mixed bag: while there are fun times (hello, sexy spa day at Adrienne Maloof’s!), there were also times that were “difficult” to shoot.

It’s safe to assume Camille is referring to events like game night, when sassy sisters Kim and Kyle Richards ganged up on newcomer Brandi Glanville and pushed her buttons until she accused Kim of using crystal meth in the bathroom all night.

Camille was in a similar sticky situation with Kyle last year and admits she did whatever she could not to get mixed up in it. “You always find that hard when people you know get into arguments. It's definitely an uncomfortable situation,” Camille said, adding: “I'm sure they will resolve things.”

Or maybe that’s just what Camille wants to think, since she has a soft spot for Brandi, who was also left by her husband for a younger woman. No better way to bond than over heart ache, right?

But if Camille and Kyle were able to put Vegas behind them, maybe there’s hope for a Brandi/Richards sisters reconciliation yet.

Source: Holly Scoop