Kyle Richards says she had a lot of fun during this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, especially with her daughter's graduation.

"Sophia graduating from sixth grade, while not a college graduation, is definitely something to celebrate," Kyle writes in her Bravo blog. "Times like these always make me miss my parents because I want so much to be able to share all of these moments with them."

Kyle is glad she was able to join Brandi Glanville in Vegas.

"The dinner that night was so much fun!" Kyle says. "I enjoyed getting to know Brandi better and was happy that we both got to see another side of each other."

"I cannot believe she got that oyster down my throat," Kyle says about Brandi. "It was disgusting but it made me laugh. God knows I am always up for a laugh!"

Kyle admits that she sometimes falls for Lisa Vanderpump's pranks. "I also had to laugh watching us at the pool when I thought there was a bug in my hair," she writes. "Lisa is always teasing me, and I never know when she is joking."

"Next week there is more fun and then... not so fun," Kyle continues. "I should have known it was too good to last.."

That's true, as things on this show never seem to stay calm for longer than about an episode.

Source: Kyle's Bravo blog