Next week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama centers on a rumor that Lisa Vanderpump doesn't actually own SUR.

So Lisa took to her Bravo blog to reassure viewers: "Rest assured, Sur belongs to my partner and me," Lisa says. "Just another unwarranted accusation that Camille for some reason found it necessary to voice."

As for this week's Vegas trip, Lisa had a blast during dinner with the ladies.

"Our first dinner was hilarious," she says, remembering that she and the ladies laughed with "true abandonment." 

Lisa explains why she and Kyle Richards aren't totally tight.

"Kyle and I have always shared a sense of humor, but have very different perspectives on what a friendship entails, so one has to separate and choose the elements of the relationship that you want to keep," Lisa explains.

Let's hope Lisa and Kyle can continue to get closer as the season progresses. Let's face it: If stripping can't bring you close to someone, we don't know what will.

Source: Lisa's Bravo blog