Real Housewives of Beverly Hills babe  Brandi Glanville and  Dancing With the Stars alum Giuliana Rancic have been exchanging some seriously catty blows. According to it all started when Rancic took a dig at Glanville on E!’s Fashion Police while commenting on Brandi’s ex Eddie Cibrian and his new wife, LeAnn Rimes.

“They’re soul mates … I used to totally poo-poo on this relationship, and then I watched his ex-wife on The Real Housewives. She is nuts,” Rancic said. Major ouch.

It didn’t go unanswered by Glanville — no, ma’am. Brandi Glanville reportedly responded on her  Twitter page to say, “It’s sad cuz I’ve been rooting 4her through her illness. Hopefully her man doesn’t leave her & give her surrogate baby to a bonus mom.” The stinging comment didn’t stay up for long, but it sure left an impression. Giuliana, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, announced in late April that she’s expecting a baby via a surrogate.

Brandi didn’t delete some of her other comments on the situation, including “well @GiulianaRancic has never met me and if she wants to make judgments about me without knowing me that is her right & #lame” and “what I said was honest not mean. [O]nce you become a mother u really see things differently when it comes to cheating.”

As for the other party, Giuliana has yet to make any follow-up comments, but Brandi tweeted today that the feud between the TV stars has been overblown: “I'm not in a feud with anyone cept Sugarhead cuz she chewed up my rug!

Before you go spreading any rumors about a new Housewife, Sugarhead is Brandi’s dog. 

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