Credit: Joe Pugliese/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Marisa Zanuck in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3

We have to admit, Marisa Zanuck doesn’t strike us as the flashiest of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast.

But that all changed after witnessing the real estate agent go on a jewelry shopping spree!

Celebuzz followed Marisa as she browsed the one-of-a-kind goods at Ricardo Basta Fine Jewelry like a ravenous kid in a candy store.

“I am a jewelry addict,” she said. “Jewelry is my one true passion. Clothing and purses, not interested.”

After trying on several pieces — including some rainbow-jeweled earrings priced (on sale) at $49,000 — Marisa settled on a lovely pair of aquamarine drop earrings that cost her a cool $11,000.

Ah, to be rich and on TV!

Source: Celebuzz