Credit: Norman Scott/ Photo: Camille Grammer Plays With Dana Wilkey's Hair at Kyle Richards' White Party on June 18, 2011

It was white party drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight, as Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville had a “pointed” discussion, while Taylor and Russell didn't even make it in the door. In other words, this episode was pretty crazy, even by Real Housewives standards.

The episode, titled “Uninvited,” begins with Adrienne Maloof telling husband Paul that Camille Grammer has received an email from Russell, stating he may seek legal action for her comments at the tea party about Russell’s alleged abuse. Camille is now hesitant about attending Kyle’s white party, and Paul thinks Russell should skip their upcoming trip to Hawaii. And speaking of Hawaii, some of the arguments between the ladies on this show can put actual volcanic eruptions to shame.

Lisa Vanderpump is helping Pandora and Jason select their wedding band, although Lisa isn’t thrilled that the band has 20-plus members. (It is a little weird that, if that band indeed performs at the wedding, there will practically be as many people playing in the band as listening to the band.) However, Lisa is brought to tears by the band’s songs, and while we agree that the group sounded great, we’re not sure how appropriate that song about “apathy” would be for a wedding.

Kim has decided to bring her boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld with her to the party, which Kyle Richards isn’t thrilled about. And it’s made crystal clear this week that Kyle isn’t the only Ken doubter out there. We see a meal between Kim and her daughters Whitney and Kimberly, during which they seem skeptical of Ken and wonder why Kim has a “promise” ring is on her ring finger. But what we find the most stressful about this exchange is how casually Kim talks how she recently took too many Nyquil and fell asleep in the shower, where she clearly could have drowned or hit her head. We think Kim — whose own substance-abuse issues are well-documented — should have had a different reaction to this than just cracking up about it.

Credit: Norman Scott/ Photo: Camille Grammer and D.D. Whitt Get Their Drink on at Kyle Richards' White Party on June 18, 2011

Kyle is stressing out about the white party, and that’s even before she gets a call from Adrienne, informing her about Russell’s email. Guests then start showing up, and Camille does in fact attend, with her friend D.D. Whitt in tow. Kim arrives and starts coughing on Lisa for some reason. Isn’t that how you act towards your friends at a formal party?

Also in attendance is Brandi, and Kyle explains that she had already invited Brandi before the incident in Malibu. Far less eager to see Brandi is Kim, who warns Kyle that she does not intend to play nice, and Kim makes so many threats about Brandi’s other leg, we were thinking Brandi might have been best to arrive wearing a suit of armor (as long as it was a white suit of armor, of course).

Sure enough, Brandi and Kim somehow end up face-to-face, and the gloves indeed come off. Brandi attempts to put the game night incident past them, explaining that they were both in the wrong, and that Kyle has already apologized for her role. But Kim refuses to accept her apology. (Clearly, no one at this year’s party bothered to actually read the book that Camille brought to the white party last year, How to Behave.)

Brandi doesn’t take kindly to Kim pointing her finger, so Kim waves it around more emphatically. Kim says that Brandi is pretty but has a truck-driver mouth. Brandi admits to this, but says she is also a great friend; at this, Kim tells her to give herself a big hug. Frankly, we’re not sure that anyone involved in this flap really deserves a hug.

Credit: Norman Scott/ Photo: Kyle Richards Is Ready for Her White Party on June 18, 2011

Kyle asks Kim and Brandi to cool it, as she has bigger fish to fry. Kyle informs Lisa about Russell’s email, and they all try to come to a consensus on what to say to Taylor and Russell once they arrive. Adrienne and Paul are convinced that Taylor knew about Russell’s email, but Lisa thinks that Taylor might have been in the dark, and that she deserves the benefit of the doubt. We know it’s hard to stay level-headed in a situation like this, but Lisa impressed us.

We see that Taylor — who is looking fab in those peacock earrings, we must say — and Russell are slowly arriving via limo to the party, having apparently just arrived on a plane from Vegas. it’s at this point, as Russell and Taylor bizarrely go on in the limo about how they want to party the night away, that we want to scream to Taylor, “Check your freakin’ phone!” Frankly, we’re shocked that Taylor wouldn’t have gotten one of Kyle’s many messages by now and  avoid the embarrassing confrontation that’s to come.

Unfortunately, Russell and Taylor arrive at the party and are immediately met by Kyle and the other guests. Kyle is in tears and mentions the email, at which point Taylor says that she never read the email. Paul — who is particularly opinionated in tonight’s episode — feels that Russell’s email was unkind, and Mauricio says that they want to avoid further legal implications. Long story short, things are tense.

So Russell asks what this means, and Paul then asks them to leave. So Russell and Taylor head back to the limo, and Kyle tearfully chases after them, apologizing. Taylor then says that it’s Camille who shouldn’t have attended the party, and that Camille had exaggerated the facts about Russell’s abuse. Finally, Russell and Taylor drive off. Meanwhile, their limo driver must be thinking, “I still get paid for the whole night, right?”

Credit: Norman Scott/ Photo: Camille Grammer Poses With Brandi Glanville at Kyle Richards' White Party on June 18, 2011

Talk about a mess! It’s really hard for us to pick sides or know how to react to all of this, other than it seems there could have been a way for it to not be such a scene. We really don’t know why Taylor never got the phone messages before the party, so that things could somehow get discussed before she and Russell arrived. We understand that Camille didn’t want to bail on Kyle’s party, but we wonder if Taylor doesn’t have a decent point, and that maybe both Taylor and Camille should have been asked to stay home from the party. That way, it wouldn’t seem like Kyle is taking sides as much.

So yet another party has come along, only to end in disaster. Which reminds us — we hope that your holiday parties go a lot more smoothly than the parties on this show! And at that, we want to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. (Yes, we said "healthy" — in other words, try to make sure that no one coughs directly on you.)