Considering most Real Housewives stars’ closets are bigger than our first (and second, and third) apartment, we sometimes forget to wonder what’s actually in them!


Luckily, Andy Cohen has our back, and when he got to grilling the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills about the most expensive item currently in their closets, we couldn’t wait to see what they’d come up with.


Kyle Richards seemed a little hesitant to answer the question, which of course meant Andy made her go first!  After some hemming and hawing, Kyle’s answer was a $1,500 pair of shoes. Yes, that’s insane for mere mortals, of course, but this is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! We can do better than that.


Yolanda Foster makes no secret that she has a closet full of expensive things, but she’s quick to point out that many of them, like Chanel bags, she’s had for upwards of 20 years, which makes them investments as much as accessories.


Leave it Lisa Vanderpump to really wow us. You won’t believe what she spent on a black Valentino gown! But don’t worry: She bought it before the recession, and really, it’s just as fabulous as a wedding gown.


Check out the video to hear these women spill their expensive fashion secrets!

Credit: Hulu Photo: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion: Most Expensive Closet Items!