Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo Photo: Brandi Glanville Sits With Taylor Armstrong at a Fundraiser in Season 2

We learned many things in Season 2, Episode 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which was entitled “Gossip Girls.” We learned that new-girl Brandi Glanville needs to come up with a better story for how she broke her ankle. We learned that old-timey Hollywood publicists sometimes appear to be from another planet. And we learned that Kim Richards has about as much fun at basketball games as most people have at the DMV. After last week's tense, real-life-problems episode, it was a sheer blast to have one this fun (and catty!). We start out with Kim (finally!) joining a distracted Adrienne Maloof and nearly irate Paul Nassif on the plane to Sacramento for the contentious final Kings game of the season, and possibly the last one ever in the city. The Kings were playing the Lakers, and we have no idea who won the game, but we do know that there were no signs of Khloe Kardashian. (Clearly, we have our priorities straight.)

Things are tense for Adrienne, who was uncertain of how the fans would react to seeing her, but she valiantly poses for pics down on the court and chats with the staff, and it’s clear that most everyone adores Adrienne (almost) as much as we do. Kim claims to be flattered that she was the only one Adrienne took to the game but spends the entire game talking and keeping other people from concentrating. (In other words, Kim behaved exactly how we used to in geometry class.)

Taylor Armstrong tells Kyle Richards that there is a revealing article in a gossip magazine about her marital problems and her weight loss, and Taylor is suspicious that Lisa Vanderpump leaked details to the press. But would Lisa seriously have done that? Is it really worth it to her to throw Taylor under the bus for a few thousand extra dollars from In Touch (or whichever somewhat-shady publication it happened to be)? Okay, so it's true that Lisa says (repeatedly) that she and Taylor are not close — in fact, we're guessing that even Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie would say that things have gotten frosty between Lisa and Tay — but we still think Lisa is classier than that.

Taylor also mentions that all of her staff have signed confidentiality agreements. Kyle finds the practice preposterous (which makes us love Kyle all the more!). Apparently, the Armstrong household is more secretive than the Nixon administration.

Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo Photo: Lisa Vanderpump, Ken Todd, and Mauricio Umansky Share a Laugh at a Fundraiser in Season 2

Kyle has a lot on her plate as well, as she has to throw a charity event for the Lollipop Theater Network. This involves asking Lisa to donate a gift certificate to Villa Blanca, which Lisa is more than happy to contribute. We also see that Lisa has somehow gotten Ken to agree to the expansion of her other restaurant Sur. Perhaps Lisa's joke last week about finding a way to change Ken's mind by any means necessary (wink, wink) wasn't really a joke after all?

When we see Kyle stress out about a lollipop that has dropped to the floor right before the event, we realize that she might be slightly too much of a perfectionist to plan parties. Luckily, she has her own professional party planner around to hand her frothy beverages and not freak over smashed suckers.

Awkward social events are basically this show's reason for existing, so we couldn't wait for this one to begin, with all its potential for serious drama. And boy, did this one deliver! Tonight saw the introduction of two new ladies: Dana Wilkey, a friend of Taylor's, and Brandi, invited by Adrienne. And it doesn't take long for Lisa to realize that Brandi is friendly with the Vanderpump household’s arch-nemesis Cedric Martinez and has been spotted with him recently. It turns out Cedric and Brandi have known each other for 15 years from their modeling days. Good news, Taylor: It looks like you're no longer the person on the show who bugs Lisa the most!

Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo Photo: A Few of the Housewives Gather Around Ken Todd at a Fundraiser in Season 2

We are reminded that Brandi is the jilted ex-wife of actor Eddie Cibrian (he left her for LeAnn Rimes), and Brandi gets in some choice digs at her ex-hubby's expense that had us cracking up, implying that Eddie shouldn't exactly be clearing space on his mantle for any future acting awards. So we would have guessed that her sassy self would become instant besties with our ladies, but not so fast. Kyle and Taylor are more fascinated by the fact that Brandi was wearing a cast on one foot and a stiletto on the other — despite the fact it was a high-heel mishap that caused the injury in the first place! We believe in sacrificing for fashion, too, but this may be going a bit too far.

But there were plenty of other memorable moments at the event, too. Mauricio's touching story reminded us why we wish we could squeeze him all day, every day. Lisa let out her inner maternal side (not to mention her inner restaurateur) by constantly calling Taylor on her thin frame. And then there was Taylor's baffling conversation with Hollywood publicist Elliot Mintz, whose comically old-fashioned advice — something about rabbits and Bill Clinton — made zero sense. If we were Taylor, we would have tried to distract Elliot while he took one of his painfully slow sips of wine ("Look over there — it's Greta Garbo!"), and then quickly tip-toed away.

So we're extremely confident that these new women will only add to the craziness this season! And in case you ever end up with a medical emergency, you might want to keep Brandi on speed-dial, so that you can be sure to ask her which shoes to pair with a hospital gown.