What do the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars bring with them for a girls’ trip to Las Vegas?
In this sneak peek of Season 3, Episode 11, we get an up close and personal look at what will be in three of the housewives' suitcases.
Brandi invites her friend Adrienne (no, not Adrienne Maloof) over to consult on her Vegas wardrobe, with her choices skewing to the sexy side.

“At least I’ve never changed since I was 19,” Brandi jokes. “I’m still a hoochie.”

Meanwhile, Marisa Zanuck gets some fashion tips from her mother Gayle, who insists on cleaning the frump out of her daughter’s closet. “It looks like Mother Hubbard,” says Gayle of a one flowy frock Marisa wants to take with her. “You look like somebody from out in the boondocks.”

On the other side of town, Lisa teases Ken that she’ll be bringing her thongs and high heels to help perfect her stripper moves in Vegas. “Save it for me,” Ken insists, as Lisa rifles through her impeccably arranged closet. What we wouldn’t give for a walk-in like that!

Credit: Hulu Photo: How Do the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Pack For a Weekend of Stripper Classes? (VIDEO)