This week in our The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills synopsis for tonight’s episode, we go from the sun of Beverly Hills to candlelight of Paris, the city of romance.
In Season 3, Episode 15 “The Real Housewives of Paris, Part Un,” the ladies are livin’ la vida loca during an action-packed European vacation.

Before they even set foot in France, Taylor Armstrong finds herself at the center of an intervention by Kim and Kyle Richards, who worry that the single mom is having trouble with controlling her alcohol consumption.

Taylor’s perceived confusion over the whereabouts of her daughter Kennedy is pointed out as a “wake up call” by Kim. But Taylor is frustrated that the miscommunication between herself and her nanny has been blown out of proportion, and she turns down joining the ladies in Paris to spend more time with Kennedy.

Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd prepare for a jaunt to Saint Tropez to visit Ken’s son and his much-older wife, who happens to be an old friend of Lisa’s. Awkward!

When Lisa and Ken join the rest of the crew in Paris, Lisa grows concerned over Kim’s odd behavior. Is the elder Richards sister struggling with her sobriety again? Watch tonight’s episode to find out!

Source: Bravo