Jealousy, impatience, anger, annoyance: All sweet, sweet fodder for the most sensational catfights. When the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills women are swillin' the ol' haterade, we've got your ringside coverage. Here are the highlights from Season 3, Episode 8: "Vanderpump Rules." Get ready to rumble!

INSTIGATOR: Faye Resnick
WHY: Faye won't let go of her beef with Brandi, even after Brandi has left the party, and so Lisa defends Brandi.
WINNER: Lisa. Sure, we get that Faye was upset on behalf of Adrienne and Kim. But at a certain point, Faye needed to realize that her comments weren't making any progress. Note to Faye: When you've already made one person leave the party in tears, it might be time to lighten up, unless you're trying to set some kind of record or something.

WHY: Brandi would have been perfectly fine continuing to ignore Scheana, but Scheana and Lisa suggested that Brandi chat with her.
WINNER: Brandi. Some of Brandi's comments seemed a tad much  like how she's winning at life over Scheana  but we can understand why Brandi feels defensive. And overall, Brandi's discussion of wanting to protect her kids was really touching, while Scheana came off as a bit more selfish and naive. It's also safe to say that Brandi won't be eating at the restaurant that Eddie Cibrian took Scheana to anytime soon.

WHY: Kyle hears that Kim was spotted at a cigar club, which worries Kyle. And Kyle is still bitter about not being properly invited to Kim's son's Vegas birthday bash.
WINNER: Kim. Uh, is Kim not allowed to do anything in her life without first running it by Kyle? Kyle claims she wants to be closer to Kim, but we'd like to see Kyle make more of a genuine effort, rather than just complaining to her friends that Kim didn't invite her to Vegas. And of all the vices Kim could lean on right now, a stoagie hardly seems like the worst.