Babies, the blame game, and a brand new Housewife! In our recap of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 3: "Making Up Is Hard to Do," Alexis Bellino meets Vicki Gunvalson's grandson, while Heather Dubrow engages in some magazine cover drama with Lydia McLaughlin. So grab your grapefruits, and let's get started!

Blonde or Mexican?

The episode starts out with Alexis interacting with the other Housewives for the first time this season when she visits Vicki, Briana, and little Troy. Alexis is now the first Housewife to meet the adorable tyke  how cute was Troy's wave?!  and Vicki is sad that Tamra hasn't met Troy yet.

The subject of Brooks comes up between Vicki and Alexis, and Vicki claims that they only talk now and then, which causes Briana to scoff. And that was one serious scoff. 

Meanwhile, Tamra and Gretchen Rossi head to the baby store for gifts. While they're there, Gretchen does what any normal woman would do: She straps a plastic baby to herself and then proceeds to run around the store. Clearly, if "running with a baby" were ever an Olympic event, Gretchen would win gold.

Gretchen also confides to us that she thinks she and Slade are ready for a non-plastic baby of their own. However, Tamra is less convinced, as she claims that Gretchen's life is all about Gretchen. Ouch.

Cover Me

Briana visits Vicki at work and says she doesn't want Brooks to be in the house at all while she and the baby are around. However, this is making things difficult, as Briana's husband Ryan won't be deployed anytime soon, and Vicki is getting antsy about moving forward with her love life.

Briana also tells us that Vicki and Brooks in fact talk on the phone all the time, and that Vicki tries to hide her conversations by taking the phone into the bathroom. Very mature, Vicki.

Heather meets with Lydia, the newest addition to the Housewives cast. Lydia and her husband Doug run a magazine called Beverly Hills Lifestyle and they want to photograph Heather's home for it. However, Heather lets Lydia know that she and Terry won't participate unless their home is on the cover. Apparently, Heather thinks she deserves the Oprah treatment.

Things get momentarily awkward between Heather and Lydia when Heather realizes that Lydia is pals with Alexis. Heather even goes so far as to point out that Alexis supposedly wears a fake diamond ring, and so Heather asks if Lydia wears a fakie, too. Heather and Lydia are really getting off to a great start, aren't they?

We'll Never Say No to Watching Shirtless Pull-Ups

We get a glimpse at Lydia and Doug's home life, as they tool around in their boat to dinner. Lydia says she comes from money, and the couple own an art gallery in addition to the magazine. However, Doug is adamant that the cover be used for "household names," which he thinks does not include Tamra. Apparently, Doug runs a tight ship. (Get it  "ship"? Because they were on a boat?)

Vicki visits Tamra's not-yet-completed gym to say hi, although Tamra thinks Vicki is lazy for driving there. As soon as she gets there, Vicki wastes no time pitching herself as the insurance provider for the gym. When in doubt, self-promote.

Then, Heather and Terry take their kids to temple  or at least they try to, as rambunctious Collette manages to make a break for it. Good luck with that, Collette.

Tamra decides to throw a party for the ladies at her gym, and you know that it might be a little to early to throw a party somewhere when you're thrilled that the party location has running water. But Vicki throws a wrench in the party plans when she asks Tamra if she can bring Alexis, and Tamra begrudgingly says yes. Translation: Get ready for another party from hell!

So what did we think of the episode? We think Lydia could be a fun addition, as long as she doesn't stir up too much drama between the ladies and Alexis. We also are proud of Vicki and Tamra for making progress in their relationship  although we think Vicki needs to be honest about the fact that she still talks to Brooks. No more bathroom chats, Vicki!

And now we can't wait to see how crazy things get at the party next week. We're worried that the party will leave a bitter taste in everyone's mouth  almost as bitter as a grapefruit.