Slade Smiley has managed to outlast many of the ladies on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Moving from relationships with Jo De La Rosa to Lauri Waring Peterson (briefly) and finally to Gretchen Rossi, the 38-year-old seems to have finally found the woman of his dreams — and one who will stick by him, no matter what people whisper about him (or tell him to his face).
When Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with Slade, he prepped us for a wild Season 7 finale, which airs June 26; talked about his new radio show; and discussed Sarah Winchester’s “cake gate.”
On June 9, Slade debuted his new radio show on Playlist 92.7. It’s “going wonderfully,” Slade says. It was his standup comedy from RHoOC Season 7, Episode 4 that was responsible for Slade’s new gig. Despite the way Bravo presented it, Slade says his act went over very well and the comedy club decided to manage him afterwards. When Playlist 92.7 needed a standup comedian for their new show, they hired Slade. His hour-long show, which airs weekdays from 12 to 1 p.m., isn’t Housewives-centric, Slade explains. His upcoming guests include Lisa Lampanelli, Andy Cohen, and Chris Pine.
Slade promises more insanity is on the way in the RHoOC Season 7 finale. “This next episode… I would wear a safety belt,” Slade warns. As evidenced by the preview, things get heated between Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson, and Slade calls it one of the worst fights he’s ever seen. The showdown takes place after Gretchen and Slade escort Sarah “The Cake Taster” Winchester from the Dubrows’ party. “She really has had some difficulties on camera,” Slade admits, before suggesting that both issues in her personal life (she was separating from her fiancé at the time) and nerves played a role in Sarah’s behavior. “She may have drunk a little more than she should,” he adds.

Once that fire is extinguished, Vicki and Tamra go at it. While Slade didn’t give many details about the insults slung between the two, he claims Vicki was being hypocritical. The h-word has made Vicki angry in several episodes this season, but Slade says, “if the dress fits...”


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