Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Andy Cohen Listens to Lisa Vanderpump on the RHoBH Reunion Show

Despite confirmation from Bravo’s Andy Cohen stating Miami was the final new housewives franchise (and thank goodness for that), The National Post is reporting The Real Housewives of Toronto is not only an actual in-the-works franchise, it’s already casting. Um, wha?

The article doesn’t cite Bravo as the network behind the production, so we can’t help thinking maybe the whole thing is a Hogtown hoax. Apparently the ladies queried to sign on share our sentiments: At least four of the women who were contacted to take part in the show — whose jobs range from fashionistas to dermatologists — have “politely declined.”

One potential housewife Sharon Mimran tweeted about her decision to forgo a spot on the show, and we think she pretty much speaks for all the women when she says: “U gotta love the call that asks you to participate in the new Real Housewives of Toronto. Pass.”

Source: The National Post