Yolanda Foster says she was relieved to have not attended Kyle Richards's dinner party on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, given Faye Resnick's behavior.

"Kyle's dinner party seems so uncomfortable for everyone," Yolanda writes in her Bravo blog. "The minute Faye starts talking, I just want to push the fast-forward button. Every word that comes out of her mouth is so abrasive and feels like a violation, because as far as I know, she seems to be of no importance in this group besides being Kyle’s best friend."

"I don’t feel her opinion to be inspiring or motivating in any way," she continues. "She is saying Lisa and Brandi are working together, but to me it seems obvious that if anyone is 'working together,' it’s Kyle, Faye, and Adrienne. Packs of wolves work together, girlfriends shouldn’t. It’s OK to have an opinion, but it’s not OK to be rude."

So did she just compare people to wolves? That's never a compliment  unless we're talking about the movie Teen Wolf

Yolanda wasn't impressed by what she saw of Scheana Marie during her chat with Brandi. "Sorry, but Scheana does not seem to have a moral compass and needs to go home to her mom to get re-educated about what’s right and wrong," Yolanda writes. 

"At the end of the day, Brandi is better off because she is a good woman; she will meet the real love of her life soon and find happiness, while her ex will be paying the dues of karma for a long time to come!" she says.

Yolanda also points out that cooking dinner for her family is a priority for her, despite her busy schedule.

"After-school sports are big in our family, but I like to keep a tight ship and serve dinner at 6:30 every night," she says. "As you can tell, I am not a gourmet chef, but there is nothing more gratifying than having my family enjoy the meal I make them."

And with a fridge as big as hers, we know she can have plenty of leftovers and always have room to store them!

Source: Yolanda's Bravo blog