Move over Lady Gaga — a source claims Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards is the real fame monster in Tinseltown! Do we believe it? We're not so sure...

A friend of the former child actress is speaking out about how the brunette bombshell has changed since becoming a reality TV star, claiming she’s become media-hungry. According to Radar Online, Kyle’s “not the same down-to-earth woman she used to be,” says the source, adding that the fame “has all gone to her head." We're not sure what kind of "friend" talks about their BFF like that!

In addition to insisting her old friends call her assistant to make plans, the source claims Kyle spends her hours scrutinizing herself on RHoBH. "She sets DVRs on multiple TVs throughout the house and watches herself for hours — analyzing her outfits, hair, and makeup, and the camera angles she's shot from,” says the friend. We have to say, if we were on TV, we'd overanalyze every move we made too!

We imagine Kyle is too busy opening stores and caring for her children to waste that much time obsessing anyway!

Source: Radar Online


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