It should come as no huge surprise that Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney has some fairly strong opinions on the definition of the word "bullying."

When asked to address whether she thinks Alexis Bellino was bullied by the women on the show, Tamra explains on Hulu that bullying implies a rather strict meaning.

"I think when you're talking about bullying, you’re forcing someone to do something against their will," she explains, which she doesn't think happened to Alexis.

Tamra says that bullying can happen at a school where you have to attend, but not on a reality show that you are voluntarily a part of.

"But when you’re an adult and you’re in a situation that you choose to be in, nobody’s bullying you," Tamra continues.

Tamra thinks that this is a matter of Alexis just not wanting to hear what the other ladies are saying and using "bullying" as a blanket term.

"When somebody gets defensive, that’s not the route you should go," Tamra says.

"You should embrace what people are saying  you don’t necessarily have to agree with them in the moment  and sit on it, think on it," she adds.

Who knew that these ladies would become such wordsmiths?

Source: Hulu