Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Barney has turned Eddie Judge's home into a beautiful place  but it wasn't easy.

Tamra takes Bravo on a Hulu video tour of her home, and she explains that she's responsible for the beautiful furniture and decor in the house.

"When I first moved in here with Eddie, this place was a man cave," she admits. "Everything was dark, everything was chocolate, and it had no furniture basically." Yikes.

Tamra shows off one room that isn't quite finished yet.

"This used to be a formal dining room  it is now going to be a music room," she says, explaining that a piano is on the way and that her kids are looking forward to lessons.

Part of what we love about this video tour is that Tamra doesn't feel the need to make her home flawless.

"It wouldn't be my kitchen without a few dishes in the sink  and of course, lots of little kid cups," she says, showing off a few dirty dishes. Real Housewives are just like us!

And one aspect of the decor that she wishes she could eliminate? A few gaudy masks that the couple picked up in Italy.

"These masks are hideous," Tamra says. "if I take it down while he's at work, he'll never know."

Perhaps the most revealing part of the tour  even more personal than seeing her cramped closet  is the coconut bra that she keeps on her bathroom sink from her vacation in Bora Bora with Eddie.

"I always keep them there to remind me what a fabulous time I had," she says. Awww!

This is the one time when it's okay to keep your bras on the sink.

Source: Hulu 

Credit: Hulu Photo: See RHoOC's Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge's Beautiful Home! (VIDEO)