We may have seen the last of Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney. Sorta.

Tamra tells LALATE that she's planning on changing her last name once she and fiance Eddie Judge get hitched.

However, she still hasn't decided which name she'll go by on the show. 

“Legally, yes  but professionally, I am still unsure!” she says about using Eddie's last name.

So does Eddie want her to change her name? 

“Eddie said that I am ABSOLUTELY changing my name," Tamra reveals. "If he checks into one more hotel and is addressed as Mr. Barney...," she says with a laugh.

However, Tamra is still processing the idea of losing her last name.

"Changing my name is a big struggle to me because it’s my kids' name," she explains. "I am considering hyphening it. We’ll see what happens.” 

And speaking of a different name, Tamra was actually supposed to join the show as "Tammy Barney." However, she and Bravo decided to use her birth name, given that the show already had one Tammy.

“My real name is Tamra, but I grew up as Tammy," Tamra says. "Because of the confusion with Tammy Knickerbocker, we went with my birth name Tamra on the show and it just stuck."

"My Mom still calls me Tammy," she adds. 

Somehow, the name Tammy doesn't seem quite right for her, does it?

Source: LALATE