Credit: Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Vicki and Her Brother Billy in the Real Housewives Orange County Season 8, Episode 5

Vicki Gunvalson is letting Briana and her husband, Ryan Culberson, stay at her home. But as the defacto “man of the house,” does he have a right to dictate Vicki’s social life?

In The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 5, Ryan says Brooks Ayers is not welcome in Vicki’s home as long as he and Briana are living there.

“He’s not welcome here,” Ryan says to Vicki’s brother, Billy. “He can’t come here tonight; he can’t come here any night.”

Ryan declares he’s even set up security cameras all around the house to make sure no “creeps” get into the home where his newborn son is living.

But later, Billy goes to lunch with Vicki and her son Michael, and he puts his foot down regarding Ryan’s overzealous ways. He tells Vicki she shouldn’t let Ryan control her personal life.

“Just because he pays you $1,000 a month doesn't mean he can tell you what to do,” says Billy.

Vicki agrees, but seems hesitant to do anything about it. She admits it’s strange that Ryan and his security cameras always have their eyes on her, but she doesn’t appear worried about his intentions — or his negative feelings toward Brooks.

Do you think Ryan has gone too far, or is he just protecting Vicki and her home?