What’s the best way to show that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan in your life that you really care? With a valentine from Lisa Vanderpump’s pooch Giggy, duh! The Divine Addiction, the site run by Lisa’s daughter, Pandora, has just the thing for your puppy love. 

Giggy has already shown us he can rock a tuxedo, and now he’s ready for romance decked out in his finest black tie. He’s posed with a rose and... some sort of sparkly heart pillow? Who could resist?

You have two options: You can go with the classic card that simply reads, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” or the more adventurous one that reads ““Be My Valentine?” on the outside, and “Today’s the day to get Giggy with it!” on the inside.  

We’ll take one of each!

Source: The Divine Addiction