Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures Photo: Taylor Armstrong and Her Husband Russell Walk the Red Carpet at The Taste of Beverly Hills on September 2, 2010

Never mind all the gossip about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong splitting up with her husband Russell. The couple has vehemently denied the rumors in recent weeks. In fact, the duo are now saying they’re set to re-discover their love for one another with a second honeymoon, already in the works.

But we still wonder: After seeing their struggles on the show, is there any real future for these two? The culprit could be there tumultuous pasts. As we all learned in Season 1, Taylor struggled with abuse, and according to one source, Russell also "dealt with emotional abuse as a child” — and it has understandably “caused problems in the marriage.”  

Regardless, for now, the focus is on healing. "Russell wants to deal with these issues, to try and save his marriage,” an  insider tells RadarOnline. Their marriage has been undeniably “fragile,” says the source, but apparently we’ll see the couple engage in on-camera sessions with therapist Dr. Charles Sophy during Season 2. Good for them! We don’t know if it’ll solve all their marriage woes, but we do wish them the best.

The road’s been rocky for the Bravolebrities, but “Russell hopes that viewers of the show in similar situations can learn from the problems he is experiencing in his marriage,” says the source. We’d say that’s just as good a goal as any!

Source: RadarOnline