Credit: Ken Blumenfeld's Facebook Photo: Kim Richards Is Pretty in Sparkling Pink

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kim Richards has entered rehab for the second time since she started filming the show. Entertainment Tonight broke the news that the former child star is seeking treatment once again. (Kim went to rehab shortly after Season 1 finished filming but checked herself out a week later.) Sources close to the reality star tell Radar Online Kim’s return to rehab isn’t exactly surprising.


“On Thanksgiving Kim was stumbling and stuttering,” the source said. "She definitely abuses alcohol.” 

While several of her co-stars are signing book deals, designing shoes, and acting in movies, Kim hasn’t had the same opportunities. "She's desperate for anything to make her relevant but it hasn't yielded any offers for her unlike KyleAdrienne, and Taylor,” said the source. “Her family has been supporting her financially for most of her adult life."

Source: Radar Online