Credit: Twitter/Tamra Barney Photo: Tamra Barney

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney said back in March she planned to spend her spring break vacation at a fitness convention. From the adorably cute pic she just posted to her Twitter account, however, it looks like Tamra did manage to carve out some fun time with the kids after all!


In an interview with last month, Tamra talked about working hard to launch her new fitness studio and said she wouldn’t have much time to have fun on spring break this year.


“The closest thing to a spring break vacation will be going to Las Vegas for the Fitness convention at the end of this month, Tamra said, “maybe I can get some pool time with my kids at the Ventian Hotel if I am lucky.”


Well, it looks like Mom Tamra managed to wrangle out more than just a bit of pool time with the children for her spring break. The Real Housewives of OC star posted a photo of her and her daughter making adorable duck faces at each other while vacationing at “the happiest place on Earth” — the official tagline for Disneyland in California.