Is Taylor Armstrong about to become the flagship member of the Real Housewives of Denver? There was some speculation today that the Beverly Hills star would pack her bags and move to Colorado to be with her new boyfriend, John Bluher

Not so fast. Taylor spoke with New York Live this morning, and she said there’s no way she’s leaving the fun and sun for snowy CO. “I am not leaving Beverly Hills,” Taylor promised. Though she’s moving (and spending the holidays skiing in Vail), she isn’t planning on changing zip codes.

No surprise there. What is shocking? Taylor hinted that a reconciliation between her and Brandi Glanville might not be far off. She said that their relationship on the show would go up and down, but they’ll see “glimpses” of the other’s positive attributes. And as for the differences between her and Brandi’s books, Taylor admitted, “I feel like they’re completely unrelated.”

Well, that’s a start!

Source: New York Live

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Credit: New York Live Photo: Are Real Housewives' Taylor Armstrong and Brandi Glanville Friends Now? (VIDEO)

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