Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Photo: Camille Grammer Strikes a Pose in NYC
When Camille Grammer deleted her Twitter account yesterday, she got a pretty bad rap for it. Many viewers accused her of being weak, insecure, and unable to handle the haters. Well, we kinda sorta don’t blame her. Would you be able to handle a constant stream of cyber bullying from people you don’t even know? We’re strong, independent women over here, but we can’t imagine that kind of criticism would be a walk in the park.

After last week’s episode, Camille turned to her blog. We read it a couple of times and then mixed ourselves a strong cocktail. Man, is this lady suffering — and with good reason! Think about it: Her husband left, her mother’s cancer came back, the other housewives can’t stand her, and the entire Internet talks crap about her. If that’s not a case for FML we don’t know what is!

Check out some of these Debbie Downer moments from Camille’s most recent entry:

1. I got exhausted just watching the show. It makes me cringe in so many ways.

2. You know the uneasy feeling that never leaves, it's there when you wake up and there when you go to bed. When I arrived in town I couldn't wait to see him. He just wasn't the same loving partner that had left me a few months before. It was a sad day for me.

3. Another thing that weighed heavily on my mind was my mother's recent cancer diagnosis. She had been in remission for sixteen years. This new information shortly before this trip was a jolt to all of us.

4. After I left the room, I just couldn't shake the fact that she had managed to apologize and insult me in the same breath. It really hurt my feelings when she told me not to be so insecure.