We’re as sad as you are that the second-season insanity on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has finally come to an end. To help you relive the cattiness and craziness, we’ve compiled the six most unbelievable moments to take place this season. And we even have a few honorable mentions at the end, because six just isn’t enough!

6. Some people sit in chairs; Taylor Armstrong prefers a suitcase. (Episode 3: “Rocky Mountain Highs and Lows”)
This season was full of odd behavior — Kim Richards’ wacky plane ride to Sacramento; Lisa Vanderpump hiring the world’s most eccentric wedding planner for Pandy’s big day; and pretty much everything Dana Wilkey said or did — but the moment that most stood out was Taylor sitting in a suitcase in Colorado. This is the episode when it became clear that Taylor was in trouble and began breaking down. (And just a note: Putting yourself in a suitcase won’t help you avoid plane fare. Trust us.)

Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo © 2012 NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Brandi Glanville at the RHoBH Season 2 Reunion

5. Brandi Glanville calls Adrienne Maloof out for saying she doesn’t like Lisa. (Reunion, Part 2)
One of the not-exactly-tragic but still sad twists this season was the disintegration of Lisa and Adrienne’s friendship. We could see signs earlier in the season that these two were no longer seeing eye-to-eye — e.g., Adrienne’s hurt feelings over Pandora’s bachelorette party location — but things really came to a head at the Reunion. First, Adrienne accuses Lisa of selling stories and dissing her shoes, and then Brandi brings up Adrienne’s negative comments about Lisa to her staff. We’ve still got our fingers crossed for a reconciliation!

Credit: Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Ken Blumenfeld and Kim Richards in Season 2, Episode 18, "A Day Late, an Apology Short"

4. Volcanoes aren’t the only explosive and dangerous things in Hawaii. (Episode 18: “A Day Late, an Apology Short”)
Kim and Kyle Richards have a knack for working out their issues in public, as seen when Mauricio and Kyle prod Kim for details about her tardiness in Hawaii, until she storms out during dinner. A missed flight hasn’t caused this much drama since the movie Home Alone. And this trip also showed an ugly side to Kim’s boyfriend Ken, and their relationship would continue to unravel throughout the season. We’re just glad Kim now seems to be healthier and happier.

Credit: Bravo Photo: Lisa Vanderpump Is Not Masquerading as a Best Friend in Season 2, Episode 11

3. Tea and sympathy animosity. (Episode 11: “Tempest in a Tea Party”)
Things had been building between Lisa and Taylor since Season 1, and Taylor finally decided to voice her opinions at Lisa’s tea party, saying that Lisa has a big ego and isn’t friendly to her, and that the other women all agree but are “chickens.” Then, Camille calls Taylor out for not being upfront about Russell’s abuse. And when we hear Taylor’s rant to Paul after she spots him in the driveway (as he’s looking for Adrienne), we can picture Paul thinking, “Why couldn’t I have just sent Adrienne a text?”

Credit: Bravo Photo: Kyle and Kim Richards Gang Up on Brandi Glanville in Season 2, Episode 7

2. Aren’t games supposed to be fun? (Episode 7: “Game Night Gone Wild”)
If the show’s producers were hoping that adding Brandi would make things interesting, they sure hit the bull’s-eye. The barbecue at Adrienne’s (a.k.a. “Urine-gate”) got things off on the wrong foot (so to speak), and then things got cray at game night, with Brandi accusing Kim of doing crystal meth in the bathroom, and the Richards sisters responding by calling Brandi a “slut” and doing a whole lot of finger-pointing. We would give the ladies advice for how to behave next time at a game night, but we’re pretty sure there won’t be a next time.

Credit: Bravo Photo: Taylor Armstrong Goes at It in Season 2, Episode 14, "Malibu Beach Party From Hell"

1. Brandi throws a beach party. Chaos ensues. (Episode 14: “Malibu Beach Party From Hell”)
The craziest event of the season started out with noble intentions, as Brandi just wanted to show the ladies her fun side (read: bras optional!) at this belly-dancing party. Instead, we got a skirmish of epic proportions, with Taylor and Camille Grammer’s friend D.D. Whitt going at it, and even Kyle and Brandi doing some (verbal and physical) jostling. There were plenty of parties this season — and almost as many fights! — but this one takes the cake. (And come to think of it, there were plenty of lavish cakes this season, too! Anyone save us a piece?)

Honorable mentions: Taylor and Russell get turned away at the White Party; Cedric stops by SUR to say hi (and bye); and what’s an engagement party without a camel?


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