Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo © 2012 NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Jax Taylor in Vanderpump Rules

We’re still mourning the sensational end of Vanderpump Rules earlier this week. What will we do without our weekly fix of drama from the hotties at SUR?

There’s still no word yet on whether Season 2 of Vanderpump Rules will actually happen, but the finale packed an emotional punch we’ll not soon forget. Jax finally confessed to Stassi that he cheated on her with someone in Las Vegas, leaving the waitress in tears.

If you remember from Season 1, Episode 4, Jax flatly denied getting a girl pregnant in Sin City, convincing all of his friends of his innocence. While he ultimately did own up to sleeping with someone, Jax denies knocking anyone up.

He took to Twitter recently to clear up some of the rumors surrounding his infidelity:


In the Vanderpump Rules finale, Jax also quit SUR to make things easier on Stassi. But since the show finished taping, has he gone back on his word? The hunky bartender recently told RumorFix that Lisa Vanderpump talked him into returning to SUR. He didn’t quite reveal whether he and Stassi are dating again, but he did say they are “best friends and made to be together.”
Does that mean a he’s game for appearing in a second season of the breakout reality hit? Who’s up for a Vanderpump Rules Season 2 with more Jax and Stassi drama?
“I have to talk it over with Stassi to and see what’s going to happen, but of course!” said Jax.
Source: Twitter, RumorFix